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Class Descriptions

tap dance classes

Releve’ Dance Company


This company is dedicated to students 8 and up that are interested in dancing at their local school or dance training on a professional level. Releve’ performs at community events and competitive venues. Releve’ members must maintain a strict attendance policy at weekly classes. Summer training is required.



Preschool Dance – Ballet/Tap


This class uses imaginative and fun activities to build strength, flexibility and body awareness. Special musical activities help to develop a child’s sense of rhythm. Includes ballet and tap vocabulary, movement across the floor and group warm-up exercises. Children learn to share space and interact with their classmates. This is a one-hour /once per week class. Maximum class size 10 students. Ages 3-4 years.



Beginner Dance – Ballet/Tap


This class introduces proper warm-up techniques as well as body directions and added movement across the floor. The beginner class is more structured than the preschool class. This is a one-hour /once per week class. Maximum class size is 10 students. Ages 5-6 years.



Ballet – Levels I – V - Pointe


Students advance through class levels based on mastery of skills. Classical ballet terminology and classical ballet music is used in this class. Classes range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours per weekly session. Students have the opportunity to advance into pointe as determined by the instructor.



Acro for Dancers


This class in designed to teach tumbling and acrobatic skills that can be incorporated into dance. A syllabus is used that emphasizes safety in execution and mastery of movement before progressing to next level of difficulty. Maximum class size is 8 students. Level is determined by instructor. Additional charges apply.



Jazzy Hip Hop


Beginner level class for students being introduced to jazz and hip hop movements. This class emphasizes proper body alignment and coordination all while having fun and enjoying to dance. This is a 45 minute/once per week class. Ages 6-10. Maximum class size 10 students.



Hippity Hop


Beginner class for ages 4-5. This class introduces musicality and movement at an age appropriate level. Tumbling skills are also incorporated into this class. This is a 45 minute/ once per week class Maximum class size is 10 students





This style of dance incorporates lyrical, Broadway and traditional jazz movement. Jazz is designed to emphasize body alignment and awareness. Students increase flexibility and strength through warm-ups and floor combinations. Class duration is determined by levels. Ages 9 and up. Maximum class size is 10 students.



hip hop dance classesHip Hop


This high energy class offers students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Hip Hop is not only good physical exercise, but helps dancers improve flexibility and coordination. Ages 7 and up.





A mixture of ballet, modern and jazz are influences for this class. Combining warm-up and floor exercises add to increase dancer’s flexibility and physical strength. Tell a story through dance!! Ages 8 and up.





Sound formulation and musicality are essential to this style of dance. Basic tap technique and terminology are taught in this class. Ages 7 and up.



Styles and Technique


This class incorporates various dance styles and the technical skills to improve a student's dance ability. The class is offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. A requirement for Releve' placement.