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Dance Classes Lead to Great Performers


Exploring movement through creative concepts is the basis for our preschool classes. Dance vocabulary and movements for ballet and tap are introduced at an age appropriate level. Weekly activities keep our preschoolers excited and encouraged.


Jazz is a dynamic and fun genre of dance. This class offers different styles from Broadway to contemporary, danced to current music flavors.


This class is for advanced ballet students wanting to increase their strength and grace.  Class by placement only. 


Students will learn ballet terminology, barre and center floor work while they build strength and flexibility. The development of classical ballet skills are the basis for this class at all levels. Ballet is essential for all dance styles!

Hip Hop

This high energy class offers the students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Breaking, popping and locking as well as freestyle movements are taught in this class. Be ready to have fun!

Tumbling for Dancers

Tumbling skills taught that can be incorporated into dance.  Students work on strength and flexibility.  


Basic Tap technique and terminology are the focus of this class. The importance of rhythm and sounds are stressed throughout the learning process. Sound formulation and musicality are essential to this dance genre


Tell a story with your dance.  Modern Jazz and ballet are blended together to create unique movement.   

Releve' Dance Company

This Company is dedicated to students 10 and up that are wanting to pursue dance in school or on a professional level.  Releve' performs at community events and competitive venues.